Tavi Talks To Katie Couric About High School, Horror Flicks

Interviews with Tavi Gevinson are always interesting — not only because Tavi is a genuinely intriguing person, but also because the dynamics of the interview often involve an older, established journalist asking questions to a much younger (and potentially more successful) journalist. While we can’t say Tavi is more successful than Katie Couric, their back and forth in Glamour‘s spring fashion issue is pretty fascinating.

It’s not that Couric is in any way patronizing, it’s just that, well, she comes off like such a mom. This of course makes sense, given that she has a daughter who is the same age as the Style Rookie.

Allow us to provide an example:

KATIE COURIC: How do you see your style progressing as you get older?

TAVI GEVINSON: I don’t know, because when I was in seventh grade, I thought I would never change, and I have, a lot. I hope I’ll become more sure of myself, because this isn’t a great age.

KATIE COURIC: Yeah, it is a hard age, isn’t it? It’s hard to feel confident when you’re a 14-year-old girl.


KATIE COURIC: I’m going to have to ask my daughter if she goes to your blog, because she just turned 15 yesterday.

TAVI GEVINSON: Happy birthday to her!

KATIE COURIC: And all she does, really, is watch reruns of The O.C. right now.

TAVI GEVINSON: Awesome. That’s what my friends do.


TAVI GEVINSON: Yeah. It’s having a weird comeback.

We agree. Being 14 kind of sucks! And The O.C. is certainly a cure-all for the early teenage blues. Anyway! We learned plenty of other things about Tavi, like how her parents seem really great:

Well, they’re surprised because clothes weren’t really a part of how we were raised, so they always let me and my sisters wear whatever we wanted. But they’re supportive. They like observing it from the corner of the room at a party. After the Chanel couture show in Paris last January, I met Karl Lagerfeld, and one of the PR women asked my dad if he wanted to meet him too, and he just kind of laughed and was like, “No, that’s her thing.”

People pretty much, once we’ve met, don’t doubt that I write [my blog]. Especially once they’ve met my parents, because my mom is, like, this drumming, tapestry-weaving hippie, and then my dad is a retired English teacher who’s, I don’t know, enjoying all of his, like, Saul Bellow right now…

She also makes a very good point about how she balances school and work:

I get a lot done in school. If I miss class for some kind of traveling, I make it up. I have really understanding and flexible teachers. It’s not easy, but there are people who, you know, go to soccer practice after school or go to rehearsal for a play, and this is the same thing.

I am lucky that I can go to school and have a great group of friends and do extracurricular activities as well as lead this kind of life, but I don’t think of it as a double life or Hannah Montana. It’s just my life. And I think that I get enough of that teenage world, or at least enough that I can handle before I want to go home from the party or whatever.

Refreshing, right? And as for what the future has in store for the blogger extraordinaire? She’s not sure, but it could involve “a fun concept store with my friends” or writing…or slasher films (“I also want to make horror movies”). Seriously, what can’t she do?


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