Tavi Gevinson Thinks ‘The 21st Century Isn’t That Bad’

We’ll pretty much read Tavi Gevinson in conversation with anyone, but we’re particularly into her back and forth with Lula editor-in-chief Leith Clark. The two chatted about anachronistic nostalgia, as well as Elle Fanning (!).

Tavi is a huge fan of Lula, and her story about the first issue she ever read is especially charming:

Tavi: I love looking back on the first issue I bought of Lula, and remembering where I was in my life then.

Leith: Which one was the first that you read?

Tavi: The witchy one with Ali Michael on the cover [September 2008]…my friend sent it to me. Then I found it at the local bookstore and I was like, “No one here [in the Chicago suburbs] reads this. Do they?” So I left a note in one of the copies.

Leith: You wrote a note and left it in the store?

Tavi: Yes, because I didn’t think other people in my town read it. It felt like a secret.

Leith: What did you write in the note?

Tavi: Something simple like, “If you buy this copy write to me.” I mean, we just emailed but never actually met. I think she goes to my school, but I didn’t want to be creepy.

We told you it was charming! Leith also asks Tavi about the nostalgia-for-things-you-didn’t-experience thing.

Tavi: It’s the same with the music that I like. I can’t really figure that out either. If you go on Tumblr, it feels like half of the internet consists of teenagers wishing they were alive in the 60s. And one thing that I’m writing about for Rookie is about why the 21st century isn’t that bad. It’s like, “We have Miranda July you guys!”

And what about the worst product of nostalgia: horrible movie remakes?

Tavi: I don’t know. In a way that makes me understand why people are so bitter towards my generation, because everything is a cover or a remake or a sequel. But, you know, each generation is a product of the one before. That’s why I also do like seeing Elle Fanning. It feels like you already know she’s going to be this classic person.

Leith: She really is such a lady.



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