Tavi Gevinson Is Adding ‘Actress’ To Her Already Impressive Resume

If you feel like you haven’t been getting enough Tavi Gevinson lately, despite her four-year-old blog, online teen mecca Rookie, imminent print mag Yearbook, recent newsstand covers, and major New York Times profile, well you’re in luck (you crazy fangirl, you)! The enterprising sixteen-year-old will soon be hitting the big screen.

As The Hollywood Reporter tells it, Gevinson recently inked a representation deal with major Hollywood talent agency UTA and, not one to waste any time, has already been cast in her first movie role. So while we don’t really see Gevinson as an L.A. chick, we imagine she’ll eschew the LiLo-and-paparazzi route for something more along the lines of Didion and Rodarte. And any Rookie reader knows what that means: top-notch vintage Hollywood snapshots and California writings, coming your way!

Surpringly, the film in which Tavi is set to make her acting debut isn’t one of the dreamy Sofia Coppola features that the teen is so very fond of (though she still counts the director as a friend, natch), nor is it a Wes Anderson quirky, kitschy flick in the vein of Moonrise Kingdom. Rather, set to direct the film is Nicole Holofcener, whose oeuvre also includes 2006′s Friends With Money and a smattering of Sex and The City episodes. Gevinson will play Chloe, a character who bears some marked similarities to the blogger herself (though the Reporter is quick to note that Tavi’s own parents are very supportive):

an only child who never received much attention from her parents, forcing her to grow up faster than her peers.

According to the as-of-yet-untitled movie’s IMDb page, Tavi will act alongside of James Gandolfini and one of our other all-time favorite people, Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Advance ticket sales here we come!

[Hollywood Reporter via HuffPost Style]

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