Tavi Gevinson Spills Details About New Project At Sassy Tribute Show

Last week, after a long day of blogging, we made our way to Brooklyn to catch The Talent Show at Littlefield. The theme of the night was Sassy Magazine, and we were as intrigued by the premise as were by the biggest name on the bill: Tavi Gevinson.

Yes, we saw Tavi IRL. It was exciting! She, as she will admit, has grown up, but she’s every bit an almost-awkward 15-year-old who happens to really, really get it. She took part in a recreation of Sassy‘s “Dear Boy” section, asking comedian Kurt Braunohler about a flaky guy she has a crush on. (“Does he skate?” “Yeah.” SO. GOOD.) She also sat down for a Q&A with Ira Glass to discuss her upcoming project. And we actually learned a few things about it!

Okay, first of all, it is definitely called Rookie (not Wallflower) and it definitely has both a web and print component. She has amassed a staff of around 25, which includes contributors from around the world. New Daily Intel hire (and former Runnin’ Scared ed) Joe Coscarelli is the “token guy” of the crew, and he even participated in the night’s Janeane Garofalo-hosted “Sassiest Boy In America” contest. (Though we found him quite sassy, he lost to a 16-year-old.) Tavi was mum about specific details, but made it clear this wouldn’t be a Sassy ripoff and that the tone would be more alternative than the content itself.

Interestingly, Tavi revealed she’s been getting some business advice from the girls over at Hello Giggles, which has helped her decide to “own everything” for Rookie in order to avoid the issues that led to Sassy‘s demise. We’re curious to see how this will work since she’s partnering with Sassy founding editor Jane Pratt (and xoJane backers SAY Media).

Of course, the event wasn’t really about Tavi at all. It was about SASSY. How Sassy Changed My Life authors Kara Jesella and Marisa Meltzer (who Tavi is shopping a book deal with) moderated a panel of former staffers, and the tunes of Sassy band Chia Pet were played by teenage girl band Supercute! Elizabeth Spiradakis provided a slideshow of Sassy fashion editorials, and we were enlightened to the fact that Lauren Santo Domingo was a Sassy model. Seriously! There were also some pretty rad shots of the mag’s intern Chloë Sevigny. And while Pratt couldn’t make it, she taped a “wish I was there” message for the audience, as did too-cool-for-school entertainment editor Christina Kelly.

Allow us to leave you with LSD in Sassy:

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