Tavi Gevinson Can’t Hide From Fashion, A Style Evolution

Back in the day — 2008 to be exact — there was a quirky young girl who lived in Illinois and took photos of herself, most often outside of what readers assumed was her home, wearing what were considered pretty outlandish outfits for an 11 year old. She put those photos, along with her other musings, on a blog. (Mind you, this was back before everyone and their sister’s sister wrote a blog.) The small following that the blog did have, however, was skeptical at times. They would ask questions like, “Who’s really writing this blog?” and “Does your big sister write this and just take photos of you?”

The writing — far too clever, too sweet-bordering-cynical, too witty — couldn’t have come from the mind of such a young girl. So readers thought. Who would have ever believed that this ingĂ©nue could not only have the fashion prowess of a seasoned thrift shopper, but also the editorial mind enough to engage fashion-hungry adults. This blog, originally living at “tavi-thenewgirlintown.blogspot.com” would evolve into what is now The Style Rookie, and go on to become Rookie Magazine. And Tavi Gevinson is all grown up now. Well, almost.

While she’s in the news for flipping the #followateen campaign into her own #followanadult movement, it’s just further proof that Tavi is already one step ahead of you. Just like she was five years ago. We salute you, Tavi, for your original spirit. See the not-so-rookie style evolution here. And watch the gal face off with Jimmy Fallon.

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