WATCH: Tavi Talks Rookie & Feminism In Her First TED Talk

Tavi Gevinson gave her very first TED talk at TEDxTeen, and she schooled the audience on “figuring it out”.

Among other things, the Rookie editor talked about the impact that Freaks & Geeks and My So-Called Life had on her:

“Around the time I started watching those TV shows, I was ending middle school, starting high school — I’m a sophomore now. And I was trying to reconcile all of these differences that you’re told you can’t be when you’re growing up as a girl. You can’t be smart and pretty, you can’t be a feminist who’s also interested in fashion, you can’t care about clothes if it’s not for the sake of whatever people — usually men — will think of you. So, I was trying to figure all of that out.”

And thus, Rookie was born. Oh, also “please be Stevie Nicks”, and watch below:


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