Tavi On Why She Ditched Her ‘Grandma On Ecstasy’ Look

Another day, another interview in which Tavi Gevinson says insightful things. Happy Tuesday!

The 15-year-old budding media mogul sat down with the blog for Teenage (a film we previously had not heard of but now will certainly see upon its completion), and chatted about lots of things. We were most struck by what she had to say about what it’s like to grow up and change in the public eye:

“I don’t go back and read my blog at all. I used to dress weirder and I know that’s why a lot of people liked me, but I also know people liked that I was honest, even about being insecure, which is why I don’t feel too bad or like I’m not being myself now that I dress more conventionally. Part of it is that my tastes have changed and part of it is that it was so much easier, to be like “screw what people think” when I was 12. I revisit the ‘grandma on ecstasy’ now and then, but it would be harder to get these ideas about feminism out there in a fashion context because then you just become this weirdo who people block out. I don’t think you have to succumb to that, but if you want people to listen to you, it’s the reality and it sucks, but you have to do it.

Something like the Early Show, I’m okay with making those compromises because I think Rookie could be a positive thing for a lot of people. If I had gone on the Early Show dressed like I used to, then the girls who don’t know there’s another option than Seventeen would probably think that Rookie was a site for freaks.”

And that would be a shame because Rookie rules.


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