Tavi And Jane Pratt’s New ‘Zine To Launch In Springtime

This weekend, when we found out that Tavi Gevinson and Jane Pratt would be joining forces to create what will arguably the best piece of teen-focused media since Sassy, we started making one of those paper chains kids make to count down to Christmas or their birthdays or the end of third grade. Because that’s how excited we were.

But then, when we realized that we had no idea when the magazine would launch, we stopped and got kinda sad. How long, we thought, will we have to wait before this new brand of awesomeness is available to us?

Turns out Gevinson and Pratt are working fast. They’re taking submissions until the end of the week and want to have their site up and running by springtime. In addition to the web property, they’ll also print three issues a year. Because two issues is way too POP and four issues is way too Love. Tavi’s gotta do her own thing, you know? The magazine doesn’t even have a name yet, but it almost has a masthead, so it’s pretty clear to us that this lady isn’t messing around.

“We hope to have the masthead finalized by the end of November,” said Gevinson in an e-mail to WWD. The Web site will launch this spring, followed by the first print issue in fall 2011.”

Meanwhile, Pratt seems to be forging ahead on her own, too. A project she announced would bow this fall has turned out to be “not the same project” as the one Gevinson is working on, so there might just be a whole lot more sassy to go around come this time next year.

[Via WWD]

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