Tavi And Jane’s Teen-Focused Site Now Has A Name (And It’s Awesome)

Jane Pratt’s xoJane.com launched on Monday (and for thoughts on that, click here), but the question on everyone’s lips was, “Where’s Tavi?” Well, Tavi and Jane’s collaboration will launch later this year, but now it has a name.

Pratt told the New York TImes the site is tentatively called Wallflower and will launch in the fall.

We had our issues with xoJane when we first heard it — I believe we called it “reminiscent of a primetime soap” and “generally a bit cheesey” — but let it be known that we think Wallflower is the most awesome name for a teen-focused site ever.

Now they’ve just got to figure out the rest of it.

[Image via The Blay Report.]

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