Tavi On Angering Editors With That Infamous Bow: ‘I Thought It Was Great’

Tavi Gevinson may be a total star now, but remember when she pissed off a bunch of major fashion editors at Paris Fashion Week with her incredibly large Stephen Jones bow? Well, she still does, and she thinks it was awesome.

When the then-gray haired blogger sat in the front row at Christian Dior couture two years ago, she ruffled some feathers with a view-obstructing bow. She, of course, took to her blog to defend her topper, and in a new wide-ranging interview with Collector’s Weekly, she gives us more insight:

“I was at the absolute height of my awkward phase when I went to Fashion Week. It’s supposed to be this place with the most beautiful people in the world, and I was this incredibly tiny, gray-haired — what’s the word? — gnome. That was the time in my life when I was most photographed, and I’m not embarrassed by that; I think it’s hilarious that in the middle of these rooms full of tall, skinny people in black was this tiny weird person … I think it’s awesome that it made a lot of people angry. I felt pleased with that because I spent all my time trying to prove that fashion wasn’t just frivolous and could have personal or public meaning, and here you had a bunch of people somehow making a giant bow into a metaphor for the death of fashion journalism. I thought it was great.”

[Collector's Weekly]

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