Tavi Attends A School Dance, Doesn’t Shave, Has Fun

In a rare instance, Tavi took time away from talking Rodarte to write about the most ordinary thing a kid her age could discuss: her middle school graduation dance.

In true Tavi form, the tween remains older than her 14 years, making a point to tell readers that after discovering a pimple in the middle of her cheek, she flips through old issues of Sassy rather than modern day Seventeen or Allure. Ostentatious? Affected? Pretentious? Actually, save the interjections of I’m-too-cool-for-this-ness, we found it a little bit refreshing,

Here are some of our favorite Tavi-reflections on a school dance. And while we’re on the subject, congrats for finishing middle school kid!

On getting ready:

I put on a little eye makeup but found myself constantly cleaning the black gunk off my glasses. I attempted to hide my pimple with concealer but realized that pale is more “me.” I felt secretly cool about not having shaved my legs. I decided none of the accessories I had brought would work, but I felt like without any, I was too typical-looking. Too normal. Not weird enough. For once, I felt under-dressed. And underwhelmed. We headed off to the red carpet.

On arriving at the dance:

One seemed shell-shocked at the decency of my appearance and gave me a hug, but I only found the situation funny and sweet. Everyone admired my shoes, and ignored the far from smooth legs that were attached. I then linked arms with a couple pals as we glided down the red construction paper.

On grinding:

If you’re not already familiar with the term “grinding,” it is when a bunch of kids stand in a line, closer to one another than they would be on a class field trip, and grope like there is no tomorrow, while adult chaperones stand nearby in a panic about the youth of today.

On her unexpected fun:

No one stood in the corner and whispered. No one cried in the bathroom. No girls who grinded were called sluts. And there wasn’t even just grinding; people were actually dancing! Donks popped, locked, and dropped with confidence. Everyone was very firm that they fancied a bad romance over just being friends, and were in agreement that shawty had indeed gotten very, very low. Up went hands in regard to the single ladies, and our heads and hearts were truly on the dance floor.

For more about Tavi’s experience, and her in depth thoughts about Jay Sean’s lyrics, visit her blog for the full post.

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