Did Seventeen Steal The Idea For ‘Ask An A-Lister’ From Tavi?

Our beloved Tavi Gevinson might finally be dealing with her first copycat, and the culprit, she thinks, is none other than Seventeen magazine.

In an interview with Racked, Tavi talked a bit about Rookie‘s “Ask A Grown Man” video series, in which adult male celebrities like Jon Hamm and Judd Appatow answer readers’ questions from home via webcam. She also said that she felt Seventeen‘s “Ask An A-Lister” series, which consists of — you guessed it — A-list celebs answering questions from the Seventeen offices, was just a little too close to hers to be a coincidence.

When asked why she thought Seventeen might have created something so similar to “Ask A Grown Man”, this is what Tavi had to say.

I feel like this is Seventeen’s attempt to reach people in a certain way that Rookie succeeds at, but they kind of missed the point about why Ask A Grown Man is celebrated by making it about asking an “A-lister.” They wanted to repurpose this feature because they saw that people like it, but they missed the point of why people like it, and it’s the same quality that’s missing from the rest of their magazine, too.

It’s true that Seventeen and Rookie have more or less the same audience but very different ways of reaching them, so it wouldn’t surprise us if Seventeen tried to tap into the methods that work for Rookie. Do you think Seventeen “repurposed” the idea, or is Tavi looking too far into it?


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