Tax Funded Course To Teach Teens To Walk in Stilettos

While we may moan and groan about our tax paying dollars going to waste, we’ve got to admit pitching in for the subway seems a lot more utile than a six-week course in the UK that teaches clumsy teens to strut in stilettos. According to whistle blowing journos, the ‘Sexy Heels in the City’ course currently on offer at the publicly funded, South Thames College-in South-West London, is aimed at preparing the young and louche for the “business world and their social lives.” Obviously the tax-paying public isn’t overly thrilled and have called the Socratic strut trivial. But course founder, Chyna Whyne defends her methods.

“At some point, girls from the age of 15 upwards will start wanting to wear high heels,” she explained. A former back-up singer turned educator, Whyne claims her life was all but ruined because of her own inability to fine master the art of the four-inch heel. “The statistics of women with shoe-related injuries and foot problems are unbelievable high,” she points out, insisting that early intervention is key.

With that in mind, Whyne now gets paid a hefty £60 (just under $90 US) an hour to teaches pubescent pupils to walk on a catwalk and shop for shoes–funny we thought both skills came pretty naturally to most women (if not walking, then definitely shopping.) But, having enrolled in many a needless course whilst in college (Read: Intro to Makeup for the Theatre) who are we to judge? Plus, if we’ve learned anything from Suri Cruise, it’s never too early to work it.

Via Daily Mail

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