WATCH: Taylor Swift Sits In A Tub, Spins Around A Lot In New Fragrance Ad

We’ve never smelled Taylor Swift, but given her dating track record we’re assuming she doesn’t actually smell like a foot dipped in melted Limburger cheese (sorry don’t hurt us).

T-Swiz has just released a commercial for her new fragrance. Are you watching Adam Levine? Talking is no way to sell perfumes, because there’s no way to talk about them without sounding like a press release or talking about your mom’s Estée Lauder-scented sheets. We try every week.

In Taylor’s case she just lolls around in a bathtub and looks annoyingly gorgeous while spinning around on a swing, hair spilling out behind her like ribbon, with her BFFs capturing it all on some sort of polaroid video camera from the future(?). We won’t get fussy with logistics, but from this we’re getting top notes of fruity summer fun mixed with the musty pages of books and a hint of old straw hats. Argh, see? Well whatever it smells like, with fans like hers it’s set to sell like #Cronuts.

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