Galliano Tapped Taylor Momsen For Fall Fragrance Ads?!

What, oh what, is the fashion world coming to?! We know celebs sell fragrances — heck, that’s clearly why Katy Perry launched one that smells like cats or something — but when John Galliano starts casting 16-year-olds with a distaste for pants in his ad campaigns, well, then things are really going down the tube.

WWD reports:

[Taylor Momsen], who was recently revealed as the not-so-secret face of Madonna’s Material Girl line for Macy’s, will also star in advertisements for John Galliano’s new women’s scent, due to be launched in the fall, a spokesman for the brand confirmed, following a report in the French edition of Grazia magazine.

If Galliano wanted an “edgy”, young starlet to help sell his fragrance, we can think of a few more palatable options than someone who can’t even answer a question about her personal style.

Our picks:

Megan Fox: She may not be 16, but she’s certainly feisty.
Mia Wasikowska: She’s young, she’s got enough indie cred to last her a lifetime, and reminds us of Tilda Swinton.
Kristen Stewart: Clearly not our first choice, but she’s young, she’s got the ‘tude, and boy does she have the market cornered on teen shoppers.

Leave yours in the comments!

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