Taylor Momsen Is No Longer Material Girl Material

Taylor Momsen is no longer the spokesperson for Madonna and daughter Lourdes Leon‘s juniors label Material Girl. In a post on the Matierial Girl blog, Lourdes (who totally writes all of the content for that site) wrote that the brand is in “desperate” need of a new face. We thought that from the moment they announced Momsen as the brand ambassador, but we’ll just file this under “proof that hindsight really always is 20/20.” (Galliano is next, y’all!)

But we have to wonder what could have prompted the brand to give Momsen the boot? Was it because she doesn’t wear pants? Was Macy’s not happy about that thing she said about vibrators? Did her singular commitment to looking angry all the time just not fly with the overall image of the brand? Is it a combination of those transgressions against both style and common sense?There are so many things that could have wrong here.

Of course, it’s also entirely possible that Tay Tay just thought she was too good for the brand. It’s pretty reckless of her, considering the only recognition she’s getting from her work with The Pretty Reckless is a nomination for something called the Virgin Media Music Awards. No offense to Sir Richard or anything, but we’re pretty sure that’s not a big deal.

Anyway, you can now nominate your favorite 80s starlet wannabe to be the brand new face of Material Girl! Hooray, crowdsourcing! Let us know who your pick is, and why you think Momsen got the axe from Madge and company.

“Desperately Seeking” Material Girl!

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