WATCH: Taylor Momsen ‘Wasn’t Insulting Rihanna’

Maybe it’s just our love of most of the pants we own, but we tend to think that Taylor Momsen, who hardly ever wears pants, might be a troubled young woman. And last week, when she told Spin magazine she thought it was “f*cking annoying” that pop star Rihanna wears leather jackets, we bumped her up from troubled to just plain mean spirited.

But now, Momsen has apologized for the slight. Well, not apologized, really. In an interview for T4, Momsen explained that what she said about Rihanna was taken out of context.

“Quotes get spun — that was a misquote. That wasn’t what I said … I was arguing the difference between rock versus pop and that it’s a very pop-oriented world at the moment, and that there is no rock and that people who dress or have guitars in their music, you know, audiences, that’s the closest thing they have to rock right now. We’re looking to bring back a real rock band. And I wasn’t insulting Rihanna.”

We’re going to make two observations here: 1) Miss Momsen clearly hasn’t gotten enough press training yet, because there’s not one decent sound bite in that train wreck of a run-on sentence and 2) whether or not she intended to insult Rihanna, she did. And she still has yet to apologize for it.

Rihanna’s style is outlandish and fun and creative, and she’s been in the game long enough to earn the right to wear whatever she damn well pleases. And if Taylor’s three-month-old foray into rock music can’t abide that, well, good luck to her. We imagine that music is like a lot of businesses in that young upstarts have to pay their dues to the veterans, and if Momsen wants to not wear pants and insult more experienced — and frankly better — artists, more power to her.

[Via F*ck Yeah The Pretty Reckless]

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