#TBT: Let Daria‘s Fashion Club School You on Primary Colors

Before you accepted Mean Girls as gospel, there was Daria and the Fashion Club, one of the most exclusive clubs at Lawndale High.

Counted among the four members were Tiffany, Stacy, Quinn and Sandi. Boys gave them rides to the mall. This wasn’t a “why don’t you come along” kind of deal. The trade was this: in exchange for the pleasure of being in their presence, you chauffeur them to the mall and stay in the car, where you belong, while they shop.

Viewers were privy to the details of their organization like their unshakable stance on primary colors. One reason an outsider depressed them was that she wore the wrong colors together in daylight. Watch the president of the fashion club lay down the law in the effort to save her from disgrace.

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