PHOTOS: What If You Had To Wear The Food You Craved?

Most models keep to fairly strict diets, but what’s a pretty young thing to do when they’re literally surrounded by the one food they’d love to eat most? If it’s for a Ted Sabarese photoshoot, they learn to make it work.

Sabarese, who you might remember paired monster costumes with fairly simple dresses in his Creature Couture shoot, dusted off his ironic brand of camera magic for Hunger Pains, in which the models are separated from nakedness only by layers of the food they wanted to eat most at the time of the shoot. We totally identify with the guy whose legs are covered in waffles, but the asparagus dress (which took Project Runway alums Daniel Feld and Wesley Nault six hours to hand apply to their model) has us scratching our heads.

Fifteen designers and artists contributed to Sabarese’s project, which was shot in January 2009 — which means that the meat dress in slide two predates Lady Gaga by over a year.

You guys know how much we love combining fashion and food, but be sure to tell us what you think of these looks.

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