Teen Vogue Is Going Back To The Small Screen

Oh, how we’ve missed seeing Amy Astley’s face on the television screen since Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port completed their internship at Teen Vogue. Remember how fabulous it was when we got to see the two travel to Paris for the Crillion Ball? Tears of nostalgia…But have no fear, apparently Teen Vogue is working on a new television show.

At a panel yesterday, Astley spoke about the difficulty magazines have in keeping readers interested. In such an internet-obsessed culture where people expect news to be covered as it happens, it’s a difficult and constant struggle for a monthly publication to keep up. She cited Teen Vogue’s stint on The Hills as one experience that helped the magazine stay current and popular. Now, Astley announced, the magazine is developing its own new show.

There’s nothing quite like seeing the inside of a bustling magazine office to get aspiring fashionistas both terrified and fixated. No details have been released as to the premise of the show, but if we had to guess, it will be some sort mix between The City and the late Fashionista Diaries. One part drama, one part fashion, and one droplet of a dying industry: a recipe for TV success, if you ask us.

[via Fashionista]

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