PHOTO: Shoes With Soles Covered In Teeth Are A Thing That Exists

We’ve seen some pretty disturbing things when it comes to shoes. Earlier this week, it was the “Scary Beautiful” pair with a huge heel in the front instead of the back. And then there were those awful shoe protectors. But just when we thought it couldn’t get any freakier, we heard about this pair.

Artists Mariana Fantich and Dominic Young created a pair of dress shoes called the “Apex Predator” that are actually pretty normal-looking, until one realizes that the soles have been replaced with 1,050 teeth. Thankfully, the teeth were taken from dentures and not the mouths of actual humans, but we are still beyond grossed out. Just imagine all the bone-chilling crunching noises these would make when you’re walking down the street! Even worse, the same collection includes an Apex Predator suit, which is made of human hair, and has glass eyeballs for buttons and more teeth for trim. Clearly these pieces are not meant to be worn and were just created for the sake of art (or at least, that’s what we hope), but still we ask: WHY?! Take a look at the shoes below and then tell us what you think of them:

[via MSN]


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