PHOTOS: Terry Richardson’s Porny Ads For Equinox

Despite our patent dislike for Terry Richardson‘s character (and formulaic work), we can’t deny that the mustachioed man keeps racking up campaigns. His latest? A porny (surprise!) set of ads for gym chain Equinox.

The fitness industry seems to have taken a liking to Terry  — he shot the Reebok lookbook just a couple months ago. The images are nothing we haven’t seen before, but they definitely don’t look like they’re meant to advertise a gym, either. One stars a naked pair of legs (well, the model is wearing heels) sticking out of car, while another features a model in her underwear surrounded by Polaroids of herself.

The whole aesthetic is obviously more befitting of an American Apparel campaign, but that’s what the brand was apparently looking for. The company’s creative director Bianca Kosoy had this to say: “His signature gritty flash photography makes the viewer feel as if he or she has just witnessed a private moment or was let in on a little secret.” Sure. Anyway, this is certainly a big gig for Terry. Equinox signed him on to do print, digital and online ads to promote their 51 gyms.


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