WATCH: Here’s Another Banned Kate Upton Video By Terry Richardson

In news that probably won’t shock anyone, Terry Richardson continues to push the envelope, Kate Upton continues to do things while almost naked, and YouTube doesn’t appreciate it.

Richardson’s new video “The Many Talents Of Kate Upton”, yet another video made to accompany the GQ cover shoot, was banned from YouTube, The Cut reported earlier today. It isn’t available on his YouTube channel, Terry Richardson TV, but it’s now up on Vimeo. It looks like Terry did exactly the same thing he did when YouTube banned the video of Kate doing the Cat Daddy!

But YouTube later reversed that decision on the Cat Daddy vid, saying they had “made the wrong call” because Kate was wearing clothes in the video. And honestly, “The Many Talents Of Kate Upton” is fairly innocuous (it mostly consists of Kate riding roller coasters, skateboarding, shooting hoops, etc.)…right up until the shot of her getting out of a pool in a white t-shirt, nipples fully visible. Oh, and the creepy wardrobe malfunction part is kind of icky, too.

Our guess is the good people over at YouTube won’t be changing their minds this time, because this video actually does contain a form of nudity. But Terry’s found a way around it, the video’s still floating around the interwebs, and we have the full version for your viewing pleasure below.

[via The Cut]

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