The 8 Best Responses to Jezebel’s Lena Dunham Photo Nontroversy

When non-scandals break out, the internet reacts in a way that is both very fast and very hilarious. Jezebel‘s very expensive witch hunt for Lena Dunham‘s unretouched Vogue photos was no different, being even more of a treat for the interwebs since it turns out the glossy didn’t actually mess with them much as all. Like people getting haircuts and wearing dresses, there’s nothing people love to talk tweet about more than things that aren’t actually worth talking about at all. Including us, obviously.

And so, while the best response of all would probably have been not to respond, Vogue Instagramming a behind-the-scenes snap of the now-infamous pigeon surely deserves an honorable mention. Remember what they say: It’s not over until someone makes #pigeoning a thing.

1. Vogue‘s Instagram response:

2. Lena Dunham’s perfect subtweets:



3. And her regram complete with Beyoncé refrences.

4. Esquire‘s exclusive photos:
And there’s more where that came from!!

5. This headline:
‘See What Lena Dunham Looks Like Without a Pigeon on Her Head’

6. This exclusive interview with the Vogue pigeon

7. Exploiting the non-scandal to raise money for more important things:

8. This #AMEN sentiment:


That’s all, folks.

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