The Blogger’s DIY: Bend Metal Tubes into Rad Geometric Bangles

We have many things on our weekend to-do list, and approximately zero of them involve a trip to Home Depot. But after stumbling across this rad DIY from the crafty ladies at Brit + Co. we’re considering a quick re-hash of our existing plans.

The geometric stacking bangles you see above are made using only hollow metal tubes from your local hardware store and a few tools you should already have around your home. The tubes are lightweight to allow for easy manipulation by even the most delicate of lady hands, resulting in an economically-friendly, industrial chic arm party you’ll need no help to assemble.

Instructions below; more pretty pictures and step-by-step guidance on the Brit + Co. blog. Head to the electronics aisle and get cracking: Carine Roitfeld would certainly approve.

– round copper 12-inch tubes (1/8 of an inch thick)
– square aluminum 12-inch tubes (1/8 of an inch thick)
– square brass 12-inch tubes (1/8 of an inch thick)
– 24 gauge copper wire
– white spray paint
– old bangle

– wire cutters
– flat needle nose jewelry pliers
– scissors
– pencil + paper
– ruler


1. Trace the outside of an old bangle onto a piece of paper, then draw geometric shapes around it using your ruler. This will ensure you don’t make your bangle too big or too small to fit your wrist.

2. Feed the copper wire through your tube, leaving about 10 inches of wire hanging out of one end. Then lay that end on a bottom corner of the shape you traced.

3. Following the angles of your drawing, bend the wire-fed tube with your hands. Or to make a circle, simple bend the tube around your bangle.

4. Once your shape is made, cut away any excess tubing. If you’re careful enough, you can do this without cutting the wire.

5. Using needle nosed pliers, grab the wire from the cut end (you may have to unbend your shape slightly for it to move) and pull the wire until it’s even on both ends.

6. Flatten the ends of tube with your pliers and twist the wire until it’s fully “braided” from bottom to top. Then, loop it around your bangle to secure.

7. To add a “dipped” effect, spray paint a portion of your bangle and let dry before you wear.

[Brit + Co.]

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