The Bro (Male Bra) Is Here and It’s Straight Out of Delia’s


Apparently the bro (male bra) is getting unapologetically flowery. Kaku Nishioka, the Tokyo designer and retailer, has introduced Kahei Oyasumi, meaning floral goodnight. It’s a loose bra that looks a little like a Delia’s-era training bra halter hybrid that should be worn with loose cargos. The pattern: hot pink and yellow flowers trimmed in baby pink. They even threw in the tiny pink bow.

So, what do these male bras actually do? They appear to minimize the appearance of “moobs” by firming things up while a bra bro sleeps. Special fabric lining provides dudes with constant gravity-fighting protection. They also come with knickers, that yes, also match, because you might as well go big or go home.

Not mentioned is how these guys are even going to begin to conceal the aforementioned floral print in a white v-neck, or what happens when one takes his clothes off to reveal a lingerie set that looks like your first bathing suit. That’s their cross to bear, but if you’re still wearing your sports bra from the time you worked out in January, their bras are officially prettier now.

h/t Fibre2Fashion

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