Is ‘The City’ Being Cancelled?

Our good friends at Fashionista reported earlier that The City, MTV’s hot mess of a scripted-reality show (our heads still spin when we have to use the oxymoronic adjective ‘scripted-reality’) is getting canned at the end of this season. Then, our other good friends — we’re all good friends in the blogging business — at Racked got skeptical. Then New York Magazine decided that they, too, didn’t believe the hype. And while we here at Styleite would be sad to see the show go, we’re not taking time out of our schedules to sit shiva just yet either. Why? Well, after taking into consideration the odds of the separate, little rumors that make up this big rumor, we don’t think it really carries any water.

Rumor 1: The City is cancelled
Odds: 4 to 1

We know The Hills is getting cancelled — and who wasn’t ready to see it go? — which makes The City the only show of its kind left on the air. Plus, some anonymous tipster close to the show told New York Magazine that The City‘s fate wouldn’t be decided until the end of the season. MTV wants to see how its ratings go before investing in a third season (although Racked seems to think it already has, but we’ll get to that later).

Rumor 2: Producers are scouting for a new girl to join the cast
Odds: 2 to 1

Danica Lo and company over at Racked say they saw MTV scouts looking for a new girl to join the cast this weekend. We’ve run across MTV’s “talent hunters” as far south as Columbia, South Carolina, so we don’t doubt that there were scouts there. But it’s likely that they were just using The City as a cover to get people’s attention.

Rumor 3: Olivia Palermo is going to Berlin for the show next week
Odds: Uh … this is happening.

Fashionista pointed out that Palermo has long been over the show, but how would she stay famous if it went off the air? Everyone’s least favorite socialite needs the show to stay in the spotlight, and so do Whitney and the rest of the gang. Racked has it from a reliable authority that she’s going to Germany to pretend to be an accessories editor on a press trip with some accessories company. And if MTV is investing enough money to send Olivia and a camera crew overseas for a few days, we’re going to bet they’re keeping the show alive.

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