‘The City’ Season Premiere: Kelly Cutrone Makes Us Cry

Whitney and Roxy and a Professional Casting Director named Roger Inniss all pick models and Whitney is shocked to learn that the average age of models this season is 14. I am not shocked because duh, it’s true, but I am shocked that someone admitted it on camera.

I’ll be honest, this episode was less exciting than I thought, namely because Roxy really wasn’t given enough time to shine and because Olivia actually did an okay job when it came to interviewing Anna Sui backstage. Even Erin didn’t know what sort of scowly face to make and instead just stood there, blank as a canvas, secretly seething at her success. (PS. You should read this interview with Erin mainly because it’s interesting but also because she looks so pretty in the photos!)

The funniest part of the whole episode is the aforementioned legging debacle because who on earth thinks anyone, even angry-looking ladies who work in windowless rooms, can make tights out of a non-stretch material? Poor Whitney, she really needed those lace leggings because they are going “under a leather jacket.” Eep.

Luckily, that’s why she pays people to do her work for her and the lady pointed out a nude stretchy lace that just so happened to be lying in Whitney’s workroom corner. Handy, how these things happen!

And so the lace leggings get done in time for Whitney’s big show which goes off almost without a hitch — the models are late! Then they show up. A model is missing! No one notices. Etc. — and the only thing I think is that she should have named her line something other than Whitney Eve: Made With Love because as much as we love Whitney for her girly, happy, saccharine sweetness, this is just too much.

Except! Except then Kelly comes in and brings it all home, the importance of this show, the majesty of each moment, and when she sits Whitney down in a now empty tent and tells her, tears in her makeup-free eyes, to take it all in, we totally cried.

*Editor’s Note: We are 99% certain it’s actually Season 3, but according to MTV’s website it’s Season 2. We’re confused.

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