Deep Thoughts On ‘The City’, Season 3

OK, so there’s been a ton of fashion news today but nothing has blown my mind as much as the trailer for the third season of The City. I have goosebumps.


Anyway, I’ve obviously embedded the video above, but I have some thoughts. And they are important. (And I’ve included screenshots where appropriate to help illustrate these very important thoughts.)

First, Kelly Cutrone has some crazy amazing advice in this very short two minute clip. We’re talking serious Words. Of. Wisdom.

Such as:

“If this show doesn’t go well, you’re fucked.”
Translation: When you do something, do it right.
“You’d be crazy if you weren’t terrified.”
Translation: If you really care about something, it should scare you.
“You’re gonna have to pimp this collection out.”
Translation: If you want to succeed, do the work.
“All girls should have an affair with a French guy.”
Translation: Self-explanatory.
“Olivia is professionally dangerous.”
Translation: Self-explanatory.

OK. More thoughts: I feel like they put some deep thought into this trailer. The music. The pacing. The title cards.

Whitney Port feels emotions! She gets mad! And angry! And stands up for herself and calls Olivia Palermo what she is: a bitch.

Roxy returns! And they’ve appropriately relegated her to a sidestory involving a some edgy-ish guy who is “getting a lot of attention because he’s doing balls-out PR stuff” which, according to the trailer, seems to involve photographing himself (or someone else?) jumping on a public work of art. I don’t know. I don’t care. I love Roxy, her irreverence, and her red lipstick. (I’ve included a blurry screenshot of the aforementioned jumping.)

Whitney wears a hideous jumpsuit.

Whitney’s Frenchman is not only a photographer, he’s a war photographer. Whitney calls him “brave.” To his face.

Both Roxy and Whitney’s guys are photographers. But who is better? Dramz.

Scowl-faced PR lady Erin is totally going to get hired by Kelly Cutrone and they are going to run this town.

Where is Whitney’s other friend. Erin? The one with the bangs?

Joe Zee! He inexplicably tells Olivia that her new job as a reporter for — which involves being on camera! — is going to make her “bigger than an editor.” Because being the villain on an MTV docu-drama isn’t gonna cut it. Whatever. Love him.

Will Freddie Fackelmayer make a cameo? I miss him. Inexplicably.

Final thought: this post has devolved into me jibber-jabbering the excitement that is roiling in my brain. Now it’s your turn! Are you excited? Tell me! (And make me feel better about myself.)

P.S. The new season premieres on April 27 at 10:30/9:30 Central.

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