The Fashion Show’s Calvin Tran Calls Isaac Mizrahi ‘A Bitch’

We didn’t find out who’s going to win The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection when we had lunch with its finalists Calvin Tran, Dominique Pearl David and Jeffrey Williams yesterday, but we did learn a lot about the designers and what we’ll be seeing on the season finale tonight.

All of the final three (even Calvin!) were calm and friendly when we sat down with them Monday at Bravo HQ in New York City. Tonight’s season finale has already been taped, so they know who the winner is. Our friends at Daily Front Row were bold enough to ask who would take hom the $125,000 prize, but the competing designers, ever mindful of their non-disclosure agreements, didn’t budge.

They did tell us (and bloggers from Essence, Racked, Glam and Bravo TV) a lot of other things, though — and for the most part, the contestants didn’t regret anything they did (or the way they were portrayed).

“It’s so funny because everything gets thrown out of the window when you worry about what people are going to think of you,” Williams said. “You have no control over that. All you’re doing is you’re being yourself.”

Tran, the show’s requisite diva, acknowledged that the spirit of competition is what turned him into the show’s fiercest competitor. “At the end of the day, it’s a competition. We have to survive what we survive,” he said. “When I was in there, I hated it. It’s long, it’s hard, it’s very very hard work, honestly.”

While his response to the hard work — all the spiteful negativity that viewers love to hate — didn’t seem to endear him to the other competitors, it mustn’t have been that bad to deal with. All of the competitors went to the Christmas party Calvin hosted at his New York City home.

And while the cast universally liked the show’s host and judge Iman (when the camera’s weren’t rolling, she wasn’t as much of a diva as she was portrayed to be), not everyone was as crazy about judge Isaac Mizrahi.

“I think Isaac is a bitch,” Tran said bluntly, true to character. “He’s condescending.”

The designers didn’t talk in specifics about their fall collections, which will be shown tonight at 9 pm on Bravo, but they did give us clues to their inspiration. Jeffry drew largely from his mother’s favorite colors red and fuchsia, and Dominique experimented with the idea of silence in chaos to dress a girl in New York City. Calvin ran away from his instincts.

“I tried to do anti-Calvin Tran. More minimalistic. Stripped down. No more drama, no more accessories, no more makeup,” Tran said. “It’s a surprise for the audience. Something that I’ve not done yet.”

So who has the best chance at winning? We’re placing an unofficial bet on Dominique. She was just too quiet during the roundtable interview (and too giddy on the elevator ride to lunch). Also, after she said she hopes “to be showing in New York Fashion Week in the next year,” Calvin surprised us and chimed in that he expected great things from her, and sort of gave Jeffry the “Oh, and you, too.” Signals, much? Either that or NBC is purposefully trying to throw us off the scent.

But whoever wins, the final three think getting as far as they have means something pretty special.

“We’re obviously standing together for a reason,” Williams said. “I believe everything happens for a reason.”

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