The Greatest Quotes From Donatella Versace’s Latest Interview

donatella versace

In a recent interview with Dazed and Confused, Donatella Versace got a little nostalgic talking about her career in fashion. However, she also made it clear that she’s not dwelling in the past, and that accommodating to the changing landscape of the fashion world is as thrilling to her as her earlier years. The long interview also featured her protege J.W. Anderson, but naturally the best quotes came from Donatella herself.

She kicks off the interview by explaining how she began using the iconic safety pin. As with most great ideas, it was the result of laziness.

I was also doing haute couture with Gianni. I was in a fitting for couture and they were very precise and Gianni asked me to go back to do a fitting. I said, ‘Come on Gianni, don’t make me go back.’ So I took a safety pin to pin the dress – I said, ‘Who’s going to see?’

But after the fact, the safety pin became a statement. And even if we could forget Elizabeth Hurley’s iconic Versace dress, Lady Gaga won’t let us.

And from then on I got obsessed. For me safety pins are something that belongs to us. We did it with Versus and then we did also Versace with Liz Hurley. It’s something we kept going back to. It was a moment of rebellion, you know. I started something else.

The rest of the interview covered a lot of ground, and Donatella spoke about the internet’s affect on the fashion industry, how supermodels were better in the 90s, and why provocative is always better. Below are some great snippets of things she had to say.

On the changing industry:

The internet is the new house of fashion.

On androgyny in fashion:

You know, for so long you didn’t see a show that mixed boys and girls – the last one was ten years ago, fifteen years ago. But this is right now. This is a group of people with a special personality, who want to say something. Youth are not afraid. They want something they can be inspired by.

On modern fashion:

Now everything is the same, I find. Maybe it’s not the fault of the photographer, it’s the fault of the commercial factor. The commercial part is very important because you need to be real, but it’s also important to be fearless.

And this quote is best taken completely out of context:

I was obsessed with the men!

You can read the entire, in depth interview with Donatella and JW about fashion and the future of Versus on Dazed Digital.

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