The KillSwitch: The Only Legal Way to Make Your Ex Disappear

BreakupClosure. That is the one thing we truly want after a brutal breakup, but thanks to social media we never completely achieve it. You will continue to be haunted by his new girlfriend and his trips to wine country until you kill him — digitally, that is.

This Valentine’s Day marks the one-year anniversary of the KillSwitch, an app that removes all traces of your ex from your Facebook profile. If you weren’t sobbing into a container of Häagen-Dazs, you would’t even know he existed. The app is the brainchild of Clara DeSoto and Erica Mannherz, who were inspired by a close friend’s devastating breakup.

“We couldn’t believe there wasn’t a mechanism on Facebook that answered that — relationships end and that’s a natural part of life,” Desoto told Elle. “People shouldn’t have to wade through the shards of their past relationships to see their friends’ baby pictures on Facebook.”

DeSoto and Mannherz pay attention to their feedback, adding updates to keep customers happy (or at least less miserable).

“KillSwitch lets you erase all evidence of an individual from your Facebook profile: You identify the target, select the posts you want gone, and hit the button. All the gushy status updates, kissy pictures, funny cat videos, you name it—gone in a flash,” Desota said to Elle.

“The new update gives you the ability to KillSwitch people you aren’t friends with. That’s the natural progression of a breakup: first comes defriend, then comes KillSwitch. We’re excited to be able to offer that. Our whole ethos is to have life dictating technology, not the other way around. Ultimately, we want you to be able to KillSwitch your life, say, pre-nose job, or whatever you want to remove. We want to bring all the best elements of Snapchatting to your Facebook.”

The next step to healing is philanthropy, and a portion of the KillSwitch’s proceeds is given to the American Heart Association. This is one app that aims to heal all broken hearts.

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