The Like On Style, Zac Posen And The Danger Of Bumpits

On Tuesday, I walked out of the bathroom stall and smack into Laena Geronimo of The Like. I complimented the lacy sleeves on her vintage dress and we bonded over trying to put on eyeliner in front of a dimly lit office bathroom mirror. Then I walked to my desk, sat down, and promptly forgot about the encounter until their new single, “Fair Game” made an appearance on my workplace playlist.

And then it hit me. The Like. As in, The Like of Zac Posen For Target video fame. As in, the band that is performing at Posen’s 24-hour shopping party which — if you haven’t heard — starts tonight at 11PM.

It turns out that The Like is signed to Downtown Records which, well, we just so happen to share an office space with. And on Wednesday night, we were lucky enough to catch up with The Like at their live studio performance which, well, just so happened to be in our offices. (Isn’t life just grand?)

Anyway, they’re four of the coolest, most stylin’, and amazingly talented women I’ve ever met, and accordingly, I attacked them with my handy flip cam. Z. Berg and Tennessee Thomas were happy oblige and we talked about clothes, obvs, and Z. shared her number one foolproof tip for using fake eyelashes. The best part of our convo, though, has to be Tennessee’s tale of the time she got a concussion from her Bumpit. This is fact.


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