WATCH: Daphne Guinness Stars In The Murder Of Jean Seberg

Another day, another Daphne Guinness short film. Unlike her last, this one is a) not nearly as short and b) not a documentary. Let’s watch Daphne act!

The style icon teamed up with filmmaker Joseph Lally for The Murder of Jean Seberg, “an atmospheric art film exploring Seberg’s cinematic legacy, haunting beauty and the tragedy of her story.” We’ve only watched the first five minutes, but this seems pretty accurate! You can watch the whole 58-minute piece below, but first here’s a little he said/she said about how the film came to be:

Guinness: Steven Klein, is a very dear and old friend of mine: we were shooting a couture supplement for Vogue Italia in Los Angeles when I first met Joe. Joe always thought I looked like Jean Seberg, and Joe wrote the film. We were in the most incredible house, because it was falling down and no one knew why. And Joe and I were upstairs, we had one shot left. I said ‘Nothing is going to work in this room’ and then I went in there and I… I couldn’t breathe! I said ‘Someone was murdered here’ and Steven [Klein] said ‘ No! I went outside and I sat with Jo, and he said ‘I feel it too!’ So we scarpered back to the other villa. Nothing worked – and the next day, the people who lived there came to the house, and Steven said you’ve got to tell Daphne what you just told me… because he had asked them why no one lived in the house and they said because someone was murdered in the upstairs room. ‘I told you!’

Lally: Daphne and I were at Sands Point, in this old mansion, and we both had an eerie feeling a murder had been committed in one of its rooms. The next day it was reaffirmed that indeed a murder had taken place. We thought: how great to make an art film about the place and what had happened. Then we spoke of our mutual admiration for actress Jean Seberg, and the following weeks I began to dream of her. In these dreams, she confirmed that her death been murder and not a suicide, thus was the seed and conception of The Murder of Jean Seberg. Jean, Daphne, myself and the lead actor Michael Brager are all Scorpios, so we have a tremendous understanding of death and the mystery of after life.

Hey, I’m a Scorpio, too! Anyway, enjoy:


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