The Only Correct Reaction to the News that Azealia Banks is Delaying Her Debut Album, Again

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Ugh. Azealia Banks made a decision that is not very heavy metal and reflective AT ALL: she delayed her debut LP Broke With Expensive Taste YET AGAIN, asking Twitter whether she should hold it until January. January. Reminder: Broke With Expensive Taste was originally scheduled to drop back in late 2012. PEOPLE WERE STILL TALKING ABOUT MITT ROMNEY IN 2012. The only other thing that has taken this long to move past 2012 is the NYC subway. (I get it — Hurricane Sandy was rough but goddamnit, when will the R train stop being just a fairy tale that we tell our children at night to help them sleep and dream?!)

Ladies and gentlemen, at this point we are more likely to experience the second coming of Jesus than Azealia Banks’ debut album. And, frankly, just the fact that I am still using the word “album” is an act of kindness because at this point, what with all the songs/singles Banks has dropped, I doubt that Broke With Expensive Taste is anything more than just three random, previously unreleased songs on a HitClip. Girl doesn’t even have a label anymore! WHAT IS THE NEW EXCUSE, AZEALIA? A WHITE GIRL IS “RUNNING” (Forbes’ word, not ours) HIP HOP AND YOU CAN’T EVEN LEAK YOUR OWN ALBUM. In the immortal words of Fergie, you’re so 2000andLATE.

Considering the sheer number of times that Banks has delayed her album’s release, you probably don’t even know what to feel anymore. Please feel free to use the below GIFs to sum up your devastation, disappointment, disapproval and distrust.

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At least in this world of constant chaos and change, we always have an Azealia Banks album delay to count on.

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