Would You Rather: $29K Beckham Handbag Or $35K Olsen Backpack?

Sometimes you have to treat yourself to fancy things. You know, splurge some, live a little, etc. So, what should you do with that extra $30K or so you have lying around? Obviously you need to get yourself an exotic skin bag made by a celebrity designer. BUT WHICH ONE?! You have two feasible options. We will present both.

Allow us to pit the The Row‘s $35,000 crocodile backpack (designed by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, duh) against Victoria Beckham‘s $29,000 alligator handbag. They are similar! But not! The Row’s bag is slouchy (backpack!), while the Beckham bag is super structured (handbag!). However, they’re both black and shiny!

Most notably, there is the whole croc/gator distinction. Honestly, the skins look pretty much identical, and our research tells us one type is not necessarily better than the other. But as far as the animals are concerned, alligators have rounder heads and tend to hang in freshwater while crocodiles have pointier ones and prefer seawater. Also, crocs are way meaner fiercer.

We know this is a hard decision to make! Personally, we’d go for the Olsen creation. Not only because we love backpacks, but because crocs are apparently more badass. Sorry, Vic.

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