Former Vogue Editor Photoshopped Skinny Models To Look Healthier

Former Vogue Australia editor Kirstie Clements is continuing her press rounds to promote her book The Vogue Factor, or what we’re calling “the Vogue exposé”. On Wednesday, she appeared on Entertainment Tonight, and delved into the details of her book.

In the video below, Clements repeats her tale of models who starve themselves to be “Paris thin”. Some do it in a relatively healthy way, while others eat tissues. One thing to note is that Clements denies having actually seen anyone scarf down a Kleenex, saying that a lot of stories in her book are things she heard from colleagues and acquaintances.

She puts a lot of the blame on “casting directors, designers, stylists, [and] editors” — including herself — and says, “There’s a pretty small pool of very influential people that dominate the fashion arena worldwide.” And Clements was certainly part of that small pool.

While Clements was at Vogue Australia, she said she had to asses models’ bodies to make sure they looked healthy and not skeletal before putting them in the pages of the magazine. Too-skinny models were sometimes Photoshopped to look larger, she said. “Most people accuse editors of Photoshopping the girls to look slimmer, on occasions, we had to do it the other way around.”

Props to Clements for being so open and honest about the modeling industry in her book, but it’s still disappointing to hear that she was among those that contributed to the original problem. We can’t help but think that putting actually healthy sized models in her magazine’s pages might have sent a stronger message than Photoshop tricks, but the damage is done in that sense. We hope she continues to speak out and is able to start making some real change.

Watch the whole interview below:

[Entertainment Tonight]

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