The Week In Review: Aug. 9 – 13

Our Monday morning started with details about the changes Stefano Tonchi has made at W Magazine. Then we caught Zac Efron wearing blue nail polish, and Rachel Zoe nearly died. For her favorite designers, that is.

On Tuesday, we looked back in time to catch Anna Wintour at her worst. Then we tried to figure out why Topshop thought it would be a good idea to take its buyers on a Navajo-themed bonding trip, explained why Emma Watson chopped all her hair off, and watch Tyra Banks get all giddy over some new girl’s itty bitty waist.

[Note: We also announced that we needed new interns on Tuesday. If you think you can handle the heat in our kitchen, we encourage you to apply! Details here.]

Wednesday came and Joe Zee got his own TV show (which we cannot wait to watch!). Then we tried to make sense of American Apparel‘s accounting problems, and were even more bewildered when we found out that Teresa Guidice lets her 5-year-old daughter wear makeup.

On Thursday, Lady Gaga explained why she scribbled on her Birkin and Goldman Sachs endorsed the jegging. We debuted our first coed edition of Fashion Wars, pitting Glee‘s Lea Michele against Kevin McHale. And then we dug up a video of Audrey Hepburn in what has to be the chicest screen test of all time.

Friday came and Halle Berry explained why she broke radio silence to be on the cover of Vogue. Wikileak’s Julian Assange cut off a lot of his hair and dyed it darker. Tim Gunn made a ballsy joke on Project Runway, and we tried to wrap our heads around the trend of people buying skinny jeans for their babies.

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