Thierry Mugler Naked Pic Terrifies NYT’s Eric Wilson

Thierry Mugler is a strange, strange man. That’s how we’d sum up our thoughts after reading The New York Timesprofile of the designer last week.

We’d seen quotes floating around from the piece, namely:

“The reason I quit fashion was that I had had enough of spending my time always being on my knees, making other people look amazing and fabulous. I used fashion to express myself as much as I could. But at some point, it was not enough.”

But what we didn’t see was the part where Mugler hands NYT style writer Eric Wilson a naked mock-up of himself on the cover of T: The New York Times Style Magazine. (Which, naturally, begs the question: what would Stefano Tonchi have done?!)

“This is what I want you to show,” Thierry Mugler said as he handed over a black folder embossed with his signature in a silver lightning-bolt script.

Inside was a single photograph. It showed Mr. Mugler stark naked, leaning provocatively against a wall with his left arm crooked behind his head and one knee propped against a balance-training ball.

…His manhood was obscured — well, at least partly — by the “T” logo used by The New York Times Style Magazine. He refused to be photographed for this article, and the picture — which he came up with on his own — was his idea of a compromise.

The catch, of course, is that this is one big April Fool’s joke; clearly Mugler has a sense of humor. Mugler, by way of context, is best known for two things: his scent, Angel and the body-conscious power suits on which he made his name in the 80s.

Mugler first appeared on the fashion scene in Paris in the 1960s, “a lithe ballet dancer, incredibly handsome with a catlike grace” is how he’s described in the Times. Now, however, “his muscles are so bulging as to impede natural movement” — all part of a conscious transformation caused by the shuttering of his clothing line and aided by an “extreme regimen of diet, exercise and what is apparently plastic surgery.”

Thierry Mugler’s new look, suffice it to say, is somewhat terrifying, considering he now resembles nothing so much as the stereotype of a bodybuilder, complete with the new name “Manfred Mugler.” Which is why our first impression of Mugler’s new body — via a naked photo (NSFW), no less — was equally as terrified.

According to our research, this photo has been floating around since at least 2007 and Vice, for one, refers to it as “famous.” No wonder Wilson was tongue-tied.

Mugler, for his part, isn’t embarrassed by the photo — other than to excuse the fact that he’s wearing shower shoes.

[Image via NYT.]

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