Unpopular But True: This Is the Only Way to Look OK in Dior

Bombshell: Dior just does not do Jennifer Lawrence justice. in fact, Dior very rarely does right by anyone, not even Cate Blanchett (cause of death: smothered by a patchwork quilt) or Marion Cotillard (cause of death: broken heart from looking like a droopy disco ball).

The weird thing is the critics love Raf Simons, the clothes look spectacular on the runway and in fashion spreads, but they just suck far too often on the red carpet. We’re not ones to offer up conspiracy theories (OK, we are), but it sure seems like we’ve got a saboteur lowering hemlines, tearing out linings and leading stylists astray to make everyone look rumpled and, dare we say, a little dumpy.

You’ve do, however, have two failsafes: 1. Be a model/a human with model-esque proportions; 2. Employ a group of people whose paychecks depend on making you look good.

Charlize Theron fits both criteria, which prevents her from looking less-than-fine wearing Dior bodysuits, Dior heels, Dior dresses, Dior hot pants, Dior swimwear and Dior jewelry for Dior Magazine’s fourth issue. (Patrick Demarchelier’s lens doesn’t hurt, either.)

So how do you break The Dior Curse? Easy. Don’t accept less-than-perfect tailoring, don’t say yes to some dress just because it has a Dior label and please don’t wear half-culotte mutant-trousers.

[Fashion Gone Rogue]

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