This Pro-choice Woman Flawlessly Redecorated Hobby Lobby With Their Own Crafts

Guess what? When life gives you abstinence, you can make crafts.

Jasmine Shea protested the Hobby Lobby ruling from inside a Hobby Lobby store using their own crafts to spell out “Pro Choice” on the shelves and flashing a wry smile.

BITCH magazine retweeted the brilliant photos she took today. Now, before you say that Hobby Lobby is just going to dismiss this sneaky smart woman as yet another “Beyoncé voter” babbling about a woman’s right to choose, think about it: Fabric appliqué and wooden Scrabble letter blocks are their wheelhouse, so Jasmine is speaking their language. That’s one thing in her favor. And if they’re not reading this, which we’re going to go ahead and assume they’re not, they’ll probably accept this message as a sign from God. This is brilliant, and the second best part about all of this is her mischievous face. Miracle, aisle everywhere. Well-played, Jasmine.


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