What the Hell Is Sleekhair Apologizing About?

We will, however, accept the compensation voucher.

Fashion land has historically been very afraid of venturing into apology land. But you know who’s not afraid? Sleekhair.com, who have boldly issued a heartfelt expression of regret to their valued customers after a simple email PR gaffe yesterday. It would all be rather admirable but for the fact that it was totally unnecessary.

Basically someone from the newsletter team thought it would be funny to send out a tongue-in-cheek promotional email inviting customers to unsubscribe, with the very punny tagline, “We’re parting ways.” The newsletter must’ve spawned a tidal wave of ire from Sleekhair customers who, apparently, take their newsletters very seriously, and damage control was hastily ushered in to remedy the (not so) wildly provocative blooper via a second email — with the effect of drawing attention to something that wasn’t a big deal in the first place.

There’s also a 15% off voucher, to further compensate customers for the emotional trauma of being invited to unsubscribe. And probably also an opening in Sleekhair’s PR department. Maybe the overly zealous emailer could get a job at Numéro or Chanel.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 3.16.48 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 3.14.48 PM

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