This Tumblr Is the YA Fantasy Lookbook You Never Knew You Needed


A 17-year-old just got a tad too involved in her favorite YA reads. This aggressively motivated homeschooler has more insight into the closets of fake characters than you ever wanted to know.

There’s a steep archive of outfit stories on her blog, and here’s a quick rundown.

We think today’s Palace of Mirrors look featuring a lilac jeans story for the princess who doesn’t know she’s a princess because she’s just a village peasant girl is on point.

However, the flouncy leather skirt and denim high-tops are both a little too “look-at-me” for someone protecting vampire secrets in Silver Shadows.

The marigold platforms for The Forgotten Locket are a bold move.

But the crimson secretary dress for the zombie boy gushing blood on the cover of The War For Banks Island is truly inspired.
When she conferences with her mom, that mom must be like, “yo my daughter’s on some next-level shit.” A +

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