This Twerking Librarian Needs to Star in Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ Music Video

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Earlier today Nicki Minaj, a.k.a. the Queen of Rap, a.k.a. *Beyoncé voice* Onikuhhhh, released her new single “Anaconda” on iTunes. Just in case you misinterpreted the album cover art or the multiple samples of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s 1992 bootycentric ever-persevering classic “Baby Got Back” and didn’t get that “Anaconda” is an ode to Minaj’s imposing posterior (what some circles would refer to as a “fattie” or “dat ass”), the rapper has released a music video teaser which features more booty shaking than you could shake a stick’s booty at:

While Nicki and her fellow Amazonians are incredibly proficient twerkers (proficient and efficient — who knew that a fifteen-second clip could be so arousing?), I was reminded of another interesting take on “Baby Got Back.” As part of the Seattle Symphony’s Sonic Evolution project, Sir Mix-A-Lot performed a particularly rousing rendition of his iconic hit with the help of a full orchestra. Yes, yes, the combination of “high art” and pop culture is funny and silly and surprising, sure — what really matters is what happened when Mix-A-Lot invited female audience members onstage with him. One Seattle woman in a back dress and glasses stole the show:

The unmistakable joy that crosses her face as soon as she hears the opening beat! The thrusting! The humping! The rubbing of her own booty cheeks! The rapping to Sir Mix-A-Lot, a knight of the Round Bottom’d Table! This girl deserves the YAAAAAASiest of YAAAAAAAAAASSSSes. She serves as an inspiration to bespectacled white women everywhere. Nicki, if you’re still editing the “Anaconda” video, you might want to give Deborah here a call.

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