NYFW: ThreeASFOUR’s Spring 2014 Collection is Getting Its Own Exhibit

Beginning on September 15, New York City’s Jewish Museum will serve as the unlikely home for a new fashion exhibit created by the designers behind threeASFOUR. Well, the location’s actually not too surprising: today the brand premiered its Spring 2014 collection at the museum. And, as it turns out, the collection and the exhibit are related..

The designers Gabi Asfour, Adi Gil, and Angela Donhauser each come from different war torn countries, and for that reason, they all have a strong belief in cross-cultural unity and in the importance of all religions. The collection we saw today, as well as the upcoming exhibit, reflect this…with clothes.

“We’re communicating unity, because we are combining the one and the whole and showing the intersections between all cultures, this universal consciousness that manifests itself in religion.”

To do this, the exhibit will feature the black and white dresses from the Spring collection, because the patterns featured on the runway, the designers say, were inspired by a variety of religious symbols.

“We started as always with the human body,” they told Fashionista. “According to sacred geometry, everything in nature is proportional. Then we looked at the geometry and tile patterns in synagogues, mosques and churches throughout history.”

The dresses at the runway show were gorgeous, though we admit we wouldn’t have picked up on the religious aspect of them on our own. The patterns were extremely intricate, though, and hopefully the exhibit will let us see the details up close.

But the exhibit won’t merely be sartorial, and will be supplemented with a tech element. Though we can’t picture exactly how it will work, apparently it will involve an architectural structure and a 3D video projection, as well as “synthetic 3-D dresses that will grow on the body like textured animal skins.”

We’ll definitely be stopping by as soon as the exhibit opens. Until then, we’ll probably spend time scrutinizing the photos from the  threeASFOUR catwalk, trying to find the hidden symbols. (What does the red hair mean?!) Check them out for yourself below.


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Dan Abrams, Founder