Is It Creepy That The Industry Is Obsessed With A 10-Year-Old?

If you’re having grown-person self-esteem issues today, this is not the post you want to be reading. Herein, we’d like to introduce you to Thylane Lena Rose Blondeau, a French model who, at the tender age of 10 (Yes! Ten! OMFG!) is already poised to twirl the modeling industry around her little finger.

It’s not just that her face is more symmetric than Claudia Schiffer‘s or that she gives attitude like Jessica White — or that she already has a Tumblr dedicated to her photos. It’s the fact that she’s 10 and in her photos (which are legion) she looks more self-aware and confident than most models working today — to say nothing of grown women in general.

But maybe her parents are just doing a really great job of raising her? Thylane is the daughter of French TV personality and children’s clothing designer Veronika Loubry (guess who Veronika’s favorite model is?) and former pro-soccer player Patrick Blondeau. Both professions are very public and require an unparalleled degree of composure and self esteem. Clearly those things have rubbed off.

And before you start shouting at us about how creepy it is that we’re cheering on a 10-year-old, consider this. Every industry has its prodigies — a 12-year-old boy just designed a dress for Michelle Obama, and the winner of the top prize at the Google Science Fair was a 17-year-old girl who made a breakthrough in the treatment of ovarian cancer.

Clearly, modeling is not Western biomedicine. And, admittedly, when Thylane’s photos showed up in Vogue Enfants last December, we thought they were a little creepy (but that’s mostly because she was wearing tons and tons of makeup in them.) In her other photos, and ostensibly in her life, Thylane seems to us to be an extremely well-adjusted, privileged child. And we can’t blame her for that. As long her parents don’t let her model lingerie before she can buy cigarettes (the smoking age in France is 18), we don’t see any reason to be threatened by Thylane or concerned for her well-being. Wait five years, give or take, and Thylane will dominate campaigns left and right. And we’re guessing no one’s going to have a problem with it then.

UPDATE: Photographer Dani Brubaker asked us to remove several of the photos in our gallery. That said, you can still see them at JezebelFashionistaRadar, or the Daily Beast.

[Thylane Blondeau Tumblr]

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