New Tide Ad Reminds Us That Tomboys Make Moms Uncomfortable

What better way to sell detergent than by preying on gender stereotypes? Introducing Tide’s latest commercial, in which a pink-clad mother sitting in a pink and floral living room nervously laments her young daughter’s tomboy tendencies.

“Well, we tried the whole pink thing,” she explains through a seriously creepy smile, while her cargo-hoodied daughter plays with blocks on the floor next to her. “Nope, all she wants to wear is hoodies, hoodies and cargo shorts.”

The ad’s sales pitch is that Tide works too well. You see, her daughter’s boyish attire was almost irreparably damaged by a set of forgotten crayons — until Tide’s detergent got those stains right out! Which means the little girl went right back to wearing her favorite pair of shorts. Oy vey.

There’s a case to be made that Tide is lampooning the idea of a conservative mother freaking out about her daughter’s less-than-feminine choice in attire, but sadly the ad doesn’t quite succeed as satire.


[via Jezebel.]

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