WATCH: Tilda Swinton Explains Her Parenting Style On The Daily Show

We’re still upset that we won’t be seeing Tilda Swinton on the red carpet at the Oscars, but we will get to see her wear cool clothes while she promotes her new film, We Need To Talk About Kevin, on shows like The Daily Show.

Last night Swinton talked with Jon Stewart about her parenting style, which, like her wardrobe, is famously avant garde. Stewart asks how he can control his kids sarcasm, and Swinton answers, “You have to live in the highlands of Scotland and you have to live in a tree,” she says. “And then you won’t have a problem.”

Sounds like a decent solution to us. But it turns out that a big part of why Swinton’s kids are so well behaved is that they don’t think she’s as smart as she really is.

“They think I’m really dim, which is a good look for a parent,” Swinton says. “Then you can kind of control them. Remote control, around the edges.”

Remember those words when you have kids of your own. Take a look at the video below.

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