Tim Gunn Rants About Project Runway In Facebook Vlog

Much has been made of how “bitchy” or “catty” or “mean” Tim Gunn‘s public pronouncements have become of late, and the videos he’s recorded and posted to his Facebook page to recap each new episode of Project Runway haven’t really helped his image.

The tone of the most recent of these vlogs, a 12-minute diatribe about the Jackie O. episode, is especially brusque. But if you watch it for long enough and actually listen to what the man says about the challenge, you discover that the reason he’s so upset is because he really just wants everyone — judges, contestants and producers included — to be moving in the same, correct direction. For this episode, they were not, and Gunn’s version of the story is that this ineptitude caused manifold problems. [If you’re a follower of the show and you haven’t seen the video we’re talking about, we encourage you to watch it here.]

Gunn pulled the video from his Facebook page after getting some complaints about it from his producers — but he told The New York Post that the decision to remove it was his and his alone. He says he doesn’t know whether or not he’ll be making any more recap videos.

“I don’t want to hurt anyone, and at the same time I want to be able to talk matter-of-factly,” Gunn said.

Fashion blogs everywhere have called Gunn’s recent statements about Anna Wintour and Conde Nast, Suri Cruise and Lindsay Lohan, Taylor Momsen and Isaac Mizrahi cruel and untoward. We say the truth hurts.

Instead of decrying Gunn for what some would call his meanness, we should instead be celebrating his bravery. Yes, making a few big wigs in the industry angry might not be the best idea for his career or interpersonal relationships, but his insider-y comments and wisdom can’t be gotten anywhere else. He’s doing exactly the same thing that most smart fashion bloggers strive to do every day: holding famous, fabulous fashion people accountable for their indiscretions. We shudder to think where we’d be without his shining example of telling the truth about the fashion business, no matter who might not like it.

Mr. Gunn, if you’re reading, we say bravo. Tone it down if you feel like it needs to be toned down, but please know there are some of us out here who admire what you’re doing.

[Via Racked and The New York Post]

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