6 Things We Learned From Tim Gunn At His Fashion Bible Book Party

On Tuesday evening, we headed up to the New School for a very exciting event hosted by Gilt City. You see, we were going hear everyone’s favorite sage Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn read from his new book Fashion Bible: The Fascinating History of Everything in Your Closet and answer some of the many questions the enthusiastic crowd had to offer. As you might expect, he had plenty of wisdom (and, yes, some TV tidbits) to impart to the eager ears:

  1. Seeing your book published for the first time is like being a new parent in ways people might not want to admit.
  2. “When you see it, in a manner of speaking it’s like giving birth. And you’re really happy when the baby is pretty.”

  3. In his former role, he used to call himself Parsons’ “pooper-scooper.”
  4. “I was associate dean at Parsons and in that role I was kind of Mr. Fix-it. I would go around to various areas of the program. And when I say Mr. Fix-it I actually called myself a pooper-scooper. And the fashion department was in a crisis of leadership…I was sent in for a year, ostensibly to help diagnose the situation and offer up a curricular prescription. And that year became seven and a half years.”

  5. He has retreated on his anti-UGG stance, but still staunchly against Crocs.
  6. “How can it be? We’re in Manhattan and I see Crocs everywhere! I simply don’t understand it. But UGGs have really evolved, so thank you Australia.”

  7. That rude contestant on last week’s Project Runway episode was actually even ruder before the editing.
  8. “Can I tell you something very, very – well I’d like to say discreet but it’s not so discreet. The editing on the show is kind to everyone. It was especially kind to him. There was no way we could cut around how horrible he was to his client. It was atrocious. And I was just glad the other designers said as much as well. It was really appalling.”

  9. We have yet another catastrophic menswear challenge to look forward to this season.
  10. “I don’t understand why the designers are so flabbergasted by having a man as a client. They literally fall apart. We have a menswear challenge that hasn’t happened yet, but just wait. It will not disappoint you in terms of horribleness.”

  11. He has something important to say to all the haters.
  12. “Anyone who says fashion doesn’t matter, it’s consequential, it’s irrelevant, I say this: Poppycock!”

Clearly, this is a man of great wisdom (aren’t you so going to use “poppycock” to tell off all future detractors?) and there is plenty more where that came from. Luckily, he’s put a whole lot of it into Fashion Bible, along with what we can attest is a fascinating account of everything from tailoring to underwear, so you can learn from the man himself when the book hits shelves September 11.

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